From my heart I give my all


Mrs Busarin Supharee, known as Lan, tells her story...

I was brought up in a small village outside Somdet. I have studied and practised Thai massage for over 25 years. During that time, I have studied different techniques from across Thailand. My goal is to cure those I can and to help those who can't be cured. I am Buddhist by belief and nature. I have fixed people from many walks of life - from builders to police officers to film stars. I have 2 hands and a mindful of techniques. If you are reading this take the next step to healing your body, pay me a visit. You won't be wasting your time!


I would like to thank all those who have helped me. Firstly the Buddha, who discovered the path to overcome suffering and shared it with the world. My Mum, Dad, and family, who gave me love and attention and were my first teachers. For the gift of Thai Massage, I thank the lineage of teachers starting with the ancient Jivaka down to my direct teachers of the present day.